About Freedom Sculpture

Farhang Foundation, a non-political, non-religious, non-profit Iranian-American cultural organization dedicated to celebrating and promoting Iranian art and culture, has been working since 2013 on creating the Freedom Sculpture, a crowd-supported public monument honoring the shared humanitarian ideals of Cyrus the Great and the Founding Fathers of America.

The Freedom Sculpture was designed by world renowned artist and architect, Cecil Balmond, and its construction was facilitated and managed by ARYA Group in Los Angeles.

The Freedom Sculpture is also grateful for the tireless efforts of a large number of people and organizations listed below.  It’s not easy putting up a permanent public monument in the most prestigious and highly trafficked part of Los Angeles. [See Project Milestones]

Farhang Freedom Sculpture Committee


for initiating, overseeing and managing the whole project

  • Mark Amin
  • Pouria Abbasi
  • Hormoz Ameri
  • Amirali Angha
  • Shazad Ghanbari - Chair
  • Ahmad Gramian
  • Amir Hemmat
  • Aria Mehrabi
  • Farhad Mohit - Chair
  • Shulamit Nazarian
  • Roshi Rahnamah
  • Ali C. Razi
  • Michael Saei
  • Joe Shooshani
  • Andrew Tavakoli
  • Ardie Tavangarian

Farhang Fine Arts Council & Judges


for helping with the Public Urban Arts Contest that found us Cecil Balmond:

  • Firouzeh Ameri
  • Amirali Angha
  • Kamran Diba - Jury
  • Shazad Ghanbari - Competition Chair
  • Linda Komaroff - Jury
  • Sunny Nassim
  • Ati Nazari Farmani
  • Roshi Rahnamah
  • Ali C. Razi
  • Anousheh Razi
  • Katy Saei
  • Bennett Simpson - Jury
  • Scott Schaefer - Jury
  • Fariba Vesali